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Treatments available at Cuddy Dentists


A wide variety of unsightly and unhealthy dental conditions can be corrected including chipped teeth, cracked teeth, misshapen teeth, misaligned teeth and discoloured teeth. Veneers are commonly used in correcting some of the above conditions. The result is an amazing and dramatic improvement in your smile. 


There are many different types of restorative treatments available from:

Bridges - Crowns - Dentures.

Here at Cuddy Dentists we provide all of these services under one roof. 


Dental hygiene treatment includes professionally cleaning the teeth for the patient. This is usually called scaling and polishing. However, perhaps our most important role is showing the patient the best way to keep the teeth free of plaque.


Decay is not the only reason you may need a filling. Cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that are worn may also need fillings.

When you are getting  a filling, you will be given local anaesthesia to numb the area if necessary. The dentists  at Frank Cuddy & Associates Dental Surgery have introduced a new type of local anaesthetic to ensure that painless dentistry particularly for nervous patients. Your comfort during the procedure is our priority.

Your dentist will remove decay from the tooth. Once all the decay is removed, he or she will shape the space to prepare it for the filling. A base or liner can be used to  protect the tooth's pulp before placing the filling. Fillings are usually composite-resin fillings ( White fillings)   or amalgam fillings. Finally, after the filling is placed, your dentist will use burs to finish and polish the tooth.

White fillings

Unlike the traditional silver fillings, white fillings have distinct advantage as they can’t be seen when you laugh or smile. In addition, white fillings are different to silver fillings, as they stick to the teeth, which means that they can also be used to repair teeth that have been chipped, broken or decayed.

White fillings come in a range of shades to closely match your existing tooth colour which gives a totally natural appearance

Advantages of white fillings:

Since they bond to the tooth, composite fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth. Silver weakens the teeth, making them more susceptible to breaking. Since broken teeth are very expensive to restore, composites can save a lot of expense over the long run.

Composite fillings restore the natural appearance of the tooth.

Teeth restored with white fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold than teeth restored with amalgam, if correct techniques are used.

Composites are mercury-free. Mercury in the fillings is viewed by some as being toxic.

Composites require less removal of tooth structure. Especially with new cavities, the size of the hole made for the filling can be dramatically smaller with composites.